ABG Best of 2011 Readers’ Poll Winners!


We had a great time last night at our issue release party. Thanks to the Draught House and all the brewing community that came out. And of course, you, our dear readers. Thanks for voting and drinking with us. Here are the winners (make sure to pick up a copy of the winter issue for full write-ups on winners):

Best Brewery
Jester King Craft Brewery
Editor’s Choice (EC): Real Ale Brewing Company

Best New Brewery
Austin Beerworks
EC: Austin Beerworks

Best Brew Pub
Draught House Pub and Brewery
EC: Uncle Billy’s

Best Overall Beer
Flix Beer of the Dead
EC: Live Oak Primus

Best New Beer
Jester King Farmhouse Black Metal Stout
EC: Real Ale 15th Anniversary Ale

Best Beer Bar
Draught House Pub and Brewery
EC: Draught House Pub and Brewery

Best Personality, Brewer, Owner, Advocate
Dudes from Jester King
EC: Brian “Swifty” Peters of Uncle Billy’s and Texas Craft Brewers Guild

Best Beer Event
Texas Craft Brewers Festival
EC: Texas Craft Brewers Festival

Best Bottle Shop
Whip In
EC: Sunrise Mini Mart

Best Branding and Design
Austin Beerworks
EC: Tie between Jester King and Austin Beerworks


Chris handing out awards last night.

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