EVENT: Darkside Fermentation 2nd Anniversary Party and Farewell to Root Cellar


Darkside Fermentation are celebrating their second anniversary with a bittersweet farewell to their previous home, San Marcos’ Root Cellar, while celebrating the soon to come full production brewery.

Lots of good stuff on tap and bottle sales the day of the event.

From the horse’s mouth:

Beer Line-up For 2.11.12:

Mark of the Yeast:78666 : A GRUIT. Not a Quad or a Stout, A GRUIT. That means zeros hops in this batch. INstead, the bittering comes from my favorite legal, i mean local, psychotropics: Wormwood, Sage, Yarrow, and Elderberries. It aged in an Red Wine Barrel for 6 months then was blended with a similar, non-barrel batch. If Red Bull gives you wings, Mark of the Yeast gives you Pogo-sticks. 11% ABV. 660 Bottles and 1 Keg. $14/bottle

Darkside Red: A Flemish Red Sour aged in an Oak Barrel for 8 months on 30 Lbs of Sour Cherries. Dry, woody, bretty with a subtle cherry sweetness in the aftertaste. 6% ABV. 600 Bottles and 2 Kegs. $10/bottle

Golden Mean: A Strong Golden, a la Duvel, with a lambic twist. Nice sweettart/fruity notes from the wild yeast, and it packs a punch at 10% ABV. 150 Bottles and 1 Keg. $10/bottle

Sirius Dubbel: Darker than your usual “Dubbel”, This is nice malty, NON_LAMBIC, offering from Darkside. Great for cold wether, strong as usual. 8% ABV. 2 Kegs.

10% off the Purchase of a case (12 beers). I will be making 25 pre-assembled cases with 4 of each of the 3 bottle offerings. Only $120 (valued at $140). All these beers will age well as you wait out the Darkside Drought.

The idea is that we can drink up the 6 kegs that day, and sell all the bottles To Go. that way we dont have 100’s of empty bottles to deal with that night, and also for the mother earth.

Cool. Time to stock up on some DS bottles before the drought.

More details:

Where: Root Cellar Cafe & Brewery, 215 N LBJ DR, San Marcos
When: Saturday, Feb. 11, from 11AM to 7PM

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