Winter Release/Best of 2012 Readers’ Poll Awards/Too Many Beers/Apocalypse Eve/Die Hard/Holiday Party at Draught House

That’s a tall order.

We’re so excited about this next guide that on December 20 we’re throwing our biggest party ever at Draught House. OMG, seriously. Line up a ride or a cab. We’re not messing around on this one.

The short list:

  • First look at the Winter 2012 Austin Beer Guide
  • Awarding the Best of 2012 Readers’ and Editors’ picks
  • 14 + rare, one-off, hard to get, blah blah blah beers from Austin and beyond (see the list we can publish at the end of the post)
  • Free Foreign & Domestic Bake Sale Fruit Cakes
  • Family Christmas photo booth
  • Draught House’s own DJ JBL
  • Special Seedling truck “End of the World” menu
  • Buy the beer keep the ABG glass
  • ABG Stocking stuffers for the first 100 guests
  • Best Santa/John McClane costume contest

Yeah, so. This is going to be a good one. The party will kick off around 6pm with hand crafted (that’s not true) gifts for the first 100 guests. I’m not sure if we’ll be tapping all the beers at once or staggering them, so you should just plan on being there the whole time. But if you buy any of those beers, you’ll get an Austin Beer Guide glass to keep. So there’s that.

Earlier in the evening, we’ll award the Best of 2012 Readers’ and Editors’ picks. So bring your autograph book cause there will be some major celebs in attendance.

The Foreign & Domestic Bake Sale folks are bringing Fruit Cakes! Oh yeah. These will be free and limited, so get them before they go.

The Seedling folks are crafting an End of the World menu that evening that should be pretty outstanding. I have no idea what will be on it, but expectations are high. They do good work, so whatever it ends up being will be last-meal-worthy.

DJ JBL will be spinning his signature 70’s funk mix with possibly some X-mas tunes thrown in for good measure. This was a “fingers crossed” ask, and we’re so excited it’s going to happen. He’s our favorite musical act in the Austin beer world.

Finally, we’ll be holding an ad hoc best dressed Santa or John McClane contest at the party (perhaps it’s his hand grabbing that ice cold one on the new cover?) No half assing it. If we don’t think there’s a winner, we won’t award one. There will be a prize, not a huge one, but it’ll be worth getting dressed for. Extra points for props/sidekicks like sexy elves, reindeer, or the cop dad from Family Matters.

And lastly, the beer list*: 

  • Hops & Grain Del Roble Series (Pale, Belgian, Porter)
  • Jester King special release
  • Jester King Das Uberkind
  • Wine Barrel Aged Adelbert’s Naked Nun
  • (512) Bruin cask w/ rum soaked oak
  • Ranger Creek Imperial Smoked Porter (possibly a cask)
  • Live Oak Surprise
  • Stone 08.08.08
  • Green Flash Serrano Double Stout
  • Barrel Aged Real Ale 15th
  • Dogfish Head 120
  • New Belgium Super IPA

*As it goes with beer lineups, this one is most likely to change, hopefully in a good way- as in bigger

Yippee ki yay, motherfucker.

Facebook RSVP  it.

1 comment for “Winter Release/Best of 2012 Readers’ Poll Awards/Too Many Beers/Apocalypse Eve/Die Hard/Holiday Party at Draught House

  1. Heather
    December 13, 2012 at 5:39 pm

    New Belgium AND Alpine Brewing Co. for that Super IPA ;)And it is damn tasty.

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