Austin Beer Guide “Backdoor Podcast” Ep Two, Brought to You by Draught House

Yeah, so we made more than one of these. Brought to you by Draught House!

This episode is all about dads, and beer. It gets a little bit personal, a little bit awkward, a little bit boring, and also a little bit genius.

Our own Shawn Phillips had recently had his first son and as he was home trying to get that kid to sleep and stop crying, we were out drinking and telling dad stories and dedicating it all to Shawn and his kiddo, Archer.

Also, the back door shenanigans are turned up a notched. If you recall from the first episode, the “Back Door” title comes from the fact we are sitting at the table under the stairs at DRAUGHT HOUSE! beside the backdoor. As the night progresses, we become even more bold in our dickness towards unaware patrons attempting to enter the exit only door. (“You got to ring the bell”)

We also discuss Bryan Gutmann‘s history with podcasting and drinking, Boston’s love of Shiner Bock, the exotic qualities of Dos Equis and lime, Aaron’s dad being Scarface, Family Christmas beer stories, our online friendship origins, and the difference between skanking and sketching.

Yeah, all quality stuff totally worth 17 minutes of your life. If not for the content, tune in to check out our new podcast intro/outro tunes. Or at least it’ll help kill that last 15 minutes after you are done working for the day, but before you can leave your job.

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