Hops & Grain & Austin Beer Guide: “The Stool Sample Podcasts” EP3


OK. We’re on the third/last podcast wt Hops & Grain

We get into the nuts and bolts behind the brew biscuits. Their yummy and we catch Bryan Gutmann tasting his first one on tape! Yeah. It’s good listening.

Bryan and Josh Hare then really get into the brew biscuits.

This is pretty much a brew biscuit episode. But you know what? That’s fine. It’s great listening and Bryan is more enthusiastic about this subject than anything we’ve ever podcasted about.

Bryan then flexes his interview muscles to segue Josh into a solid H&G history starter kit. Yeah. It’s impressive how he does that. I thought I knew me some H&G history, but I learned a thing or two in this session.

Also, lots of details on the big Hops & Grain copper heist of 2011. It’s a good story. Oceans 11 shit.

Big thanks to Gutmann for carrying the load on this one. Follow him on Twitter to catch his latest shows.


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